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PLANNING TO BE A WORK-AT-HOME PARENT? Then take a look at new book Business & Baby at Home (Finch, $29.99), a practical and oh-so-honest guide to setting up (and surviving!) a home-based business. Covering everything from finessing your idea to maintaining a work/life balance once everything’s in motion, this one’s definitely worth a look.

- Practical Parenting Magazine

I have just finished reading your book, which I started two days ago. I have a 3 year old and a 5 week old baby. I just could not stop reading it!! It is outstanding and so so true. I am planning for my business launch later in the year. Your book was a God sent. Thank you so much for writing it!!

- Elena

… I gobbled up Sarah’s book like it was a dripping soft serve ice cream – it was easy to eat (I mean read) and was delightful! Sarah’s writing style is straight-forward, practical and very human. And more importantly packed with useful tips on juggling a business and a baby at home. (read full review)

- Content Magazine

… ‘Expect to work hard but don’t be too hard on yourself’ is a strong theme throughout, complemented by ideas on how to stay sane and enjoy the journey. Sarah’s positive, easy style and sensible advice on the best way to handle the good and the bad make this a great gift for any mum (or dad) about to tackle the tricky work-life balance from home. (read full review)

- Queensland Homes

Working from home is becoming more popular and new mums are definitely driving the change. In this practical and insightful how-to guide O’Bryan shares her story of balancing family life and a home-based business with honesty and priceless revelations.

- My Child Magazine

Firstly I wanted to say congrats on your book, but most importantly I wanted to say Thank you. Your book is exactly what I have been looking for - for a long time! It’s inspiring, truthful and just a breath of fresh air in a world of confusion and Mummy overwhelm. You have given me the direction and drive to feel focused and ready to take on the very intimidating task of building my own business whilst being a Mum to two young children. I CAN do it. All the best, and I will be following you closely, can not wait for the second book.

- Tiffany Boyd, Scrummy Yummy Mummy Cakes

This book is packed with useful tips for women seeking to balance motherhood with a successful home-based career. With warmth, humour and great insight Sarah O’Bryan explains how to raise a family and grow a business at the same time.

- Roxanne Elliott, Founder CareforKids.com.au

Business & Baby at Home contains the most truthful and heartfelt words on this topic I have read to date.

- Karen

As a mum and business owner, this book has been a lifesaver! An honest and uplifting guide full of practical ideas.

- Joy

Business & Baby at Home is a comprehensive and practical overview of how to start up a home-based business and be a mother at the same time. It covers all the basics, such as planning your work space to writing up quotes, estimating the costs of jobs, and managing budgets and wages. Most importantly it covers how to combine caring and nurturing young children while developing your business. This is a very valuable guide book for anybody who has children and is thinking of starting up their own business.

- Samantha, Finch Publishing